This stimulating meditative exploration focuses on Scripture verses that offer “divine imperatives”—invitations, urgings, admonitions, or commands that encourage us to experience spiritual life in richer, more meaningful ways. These are God’s gracious invitations to us—the Trinity’s generous beckoning, not only to eternal life and a deeper relationship, but to surrender, service, and self-sacrifice.

Go on an energizing meditative exploration of verses from throughout the Bible, all of which offer “divine imperatives” that are intended to encourage you to deepen and activate your spiritual life. A Generous Beckoning features 99 brief meditations drawing from Scripture texts throughout the Old and New Testaments that use the imperative verb case. The book is divided into three sections, comprising 33 devotional meditations each, flowing naturally around the persons of the Trinity—Father, Son, Holy Spirit or Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer. Through this book, readers can hear the voice of God intimately, experience God’s redemptive and restorative presence, and enter into a more authentic relationship with the God the Three in One, leading to a more mature, empowered walk in the world. This book is ideal for personal meditation, book study groups, or as a gift.

From Forward Movement Publishers

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