Heart & Soul

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Over 100 years ago, a Scottish minister and Bible college professor wrote a short but powerful book entitled The Emotions of Jesus. Robert Law and his book seem to have been lost to time. But in researching his own book on Jesus’s emotional life, Episcopal priest and “Day1” producer & host Peter Wallace came across a scanned copy of Law’s book in the Internet Archive. He found it to be a brilliant jewel of a book that flashes light on the facets of Jesus’s emotions and personality, brightening our understanding and appreciation of who Jesus was, how he lived, what it must have been like to be with him and follow him.

Without diminishing its beauty, Law’s text has been carefully revised for a contemporary audience. Wallace has addressed obscure wording and gender bias and provided background information and notes in order to ensure a fresh appreciation by modern readers. The result is a passionate and poignant devotional approach to understanding Jesus, the wholly human one, who embodied a range of emotions as we do, and who serves as a model for living bold, authentic, and fervent lives today as followers of the way of love.

This book is ideal for personal meditation, group discussion, or as a gift. Questions for meditation or discussion are included for each chapter.