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In Connected: You and God in the Psalms, a book of meditations published by Morehouse (Church Publishing Inc.), Peter guides readers on a stimulating spiritual journey through Israel’s hymnbook.

“The psalms can help us make solid connections with our own feelings and with God, connections that enable us to better live a full and meaningful life,” he writes. “And when we strengthen those connections, then we can connect to other people in ever-wider circles, in the community of faith and then into the world that yearns for true connection with God.”

“Peter Wallace is a beautiful thinker and a deep, humane soul; this book distills that beauty and reveals that depth. We could ask for no better guide to the comfort, the wisdom–and the poetry–that the Psalms hold for us searchers.”
—Michael Chabon, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and The Yiddish Policeman’s Union

“Peter Wallace understands the power of the psalms, and the need to engage them–all of them, praise and lament and confusion alike. Through the use of his own experience–his own inner life–he opens up each of the psalms for us so that we can see them anew, while in his concluding prayers for each section, he acknowledges the difficulty of many of these texts, the trials in many of our lives–and the ongoing goodness of God.”
—Greg Garrett, author of Crossing Myself, from the foreword


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