These prayers were part of the original manuscript for Living Loved, separating the sections, but were not included in the published book.

A Whisper from Jesus to You – 1

Come here.

Be with me.

I invite you into my embrace.

I will not force you.

I will not fool you.

I will not frighten you.

But you must trust me.

And perhaps your ability to trust has been shattered

Too many times.

I want to help you to rebuild that trust

Starting now, lasting forever.

I want to show you how much I love you,

So that you know this love beyond any shadow of a doubt.

So that you can rest in that knowledge

And never be shaken.

I want you to experience how much I love you

Moment by moment,

So that even in the face of fear and tragedy and pain

You can stand in the hope and beauty of my love for you.

I want you to share my love with the world,

Even with those who live close by you.

I want you to know and experience my love so deeply

That loving others becomes a way of life for you

Continually regenerating you.

I called my disciples, my companions, to walk with me.

And they did.

I called little children to come to me, sit on my lap, and laugh with me.

And they did.

I called saints and martyrs throughout time to live close beside me.

And they did.

And now I call you.

Come here, my beloved.

Be with me.


A Whisper from Jesus to You – 2

When you first saw me, I was far away from you.

A fuzzy image, blurred by misconceptions and misunderstandings.

But I come to you.

I reach for you.

Because I love you.

I know you.

More than anyone else ever has or ever could know you,

I know you.

And I deeply desire that you know me.

Know me. And know my love for you.

I made you. I formed the world you live in.

But, more important, I want to form you

Into one who is reborn into my image.

Fulfilled. Empowered.

Known and knowing.

Loved and loving.

But this can only happen if you want it.

If you want me.

Do you fear me?

Does this love I offer you overwhelm you?

Let my embrace dissolve your fears.

Let my Spirit cleanse you from the dirt of lovelessness.

Let my presence open your heart and soul to me

So you can be totally honest with me, as I am with you.

Listen to my voice.

Do you recognize it?

Trust what you hear.

I am your shepherd.

Because I love you, I will care for you.

Provide for you.

Protect you.

Guide you.

Your hunger will be satisfied.

Your thirst will be quenched.

Because I love you.

I pray for you.

I am with you.

I deeply desire to be part of you, in you, around you, with you.

Know that you are loved.

Know it with every fiber of your being.

Know it with every breath you take.

Wrestle with this love and its implications.

And know that nothing and no one can take this love away from you.

I love you. I will love you forever.

Be present with me.

Know this love.

Accept this love.

It is yours for the taking.

Do you know this?


A Whisper from Jesus to You – 3

You know my love

But are you living it?

Are you breathing it?

Are you floating in it?

Are you basking in it?

As you open yourself to experience my love for you

In all its fullness,

Life overflows with all good things.

Open your eyes to see it,

Open your heart to explore it,

Open your mind to fathom it,

Open your hands to share it.

When you live in my love

I want you to be yourself

Without fear, without shame.

Expect the unexpected.

Prepare for times of cleansing and renewal.

Be willing to be stretched.

Be ready to sacrifice yourself.

Know the freedom that comes from obedience,

Living out what I tell you.

Sense the reality of the resurrection that already shapes

Your real and eternal life.

Dive into the depths of this life in the Spirit,

Which I’ve given you in love.

When pain comes, trust me with it.

I know your pain, and I am with you in it.

When tragedy comes, lean on me through it.

And see the power and love of the Father shine through.

I am always with you, my loved one, even now,

In the dwelling place of your heart.

I will never leave that place,

I will never abandon you,

I will never take my love away from you.

More than anything,

I want you to experience my presence.

To let the Spirit guide you ever deeper

Into my love.



A Whisper from Jesus to You – 4

Now what?

Are you ready?

Now that you know and experience my love,

No matter what life may bring your way,

Now what?

I know you are ready,

Ready to step out into the risky unknown,

Vulnerable but empowered, and full of love.

I know you are ready

To reach out in unexpected ways,

To love and serve those around you

In my name.

Watch what I do.

See how I loved,

How I touched,

How I healed,

Even when it was messy and strange.

Follow me into the risk of

Sharing holy love.

Shine the light of my truth, grace, and love

In every situation.

I’ll see that you’re well stocked.

Turn no one away.

All are welcome into my embrace.

Love as I loved

And find true fulfillment in life.

Do what I call you to do in the Spirit’s power

And you will do even greater things than I did

When I walked this earth.

My loved ones,

Work together in the body of Christ,

For you are part of the most intimate family—

One marked by sacrificial love.

The world may not understand you.

They may even despise you.

But you, remain as one in my love,

Mature, loving, united,

In a new family of faith,

Offering strength, comfort, and love

To one another.

In my resurrection power

You are my brother, my sister.

You are part of the family of everlasting love.

It is a love I call you to share





My beloved, I have lavished my love on you,

Filled you with it

To overflowing.

Let that love flow through you

To the thirsty world around you.

For when you share my love

You will know my love

And experience my love

More and more and more


But first:

Now what?


Copyright by Peter M. Wallace. All rights reserved.


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